Candlelier – an oasis of scents

It's no secret that our olfactory sense provides one of the strongest connections to our feelings and memories. For most of us, aromas evoke deep emotions and meanings. Like a song, a scented candle can instantly take you back to a moment, a feeling or a memory of where you were when you first smelled the scent.

Candlelier was born out of a dream; a dream to bring to customers many spectacular olfactory experiences. " A beautiful room is complete with a beautiful candle". Scented candles are seen as a symbol of romance, love, exclusivity, and anything else that might come to mind when we close our eyes, and all we have to do is enjoy the amazing scents. Since ancient times, candles have been used as a source of light, but as electricity has replaced them, they have taken on different meanings, and people use them for a variety of reasons, from aesthetics and room scents to emotional or mental states.

Candlelier, through the fragrance oils used, will embody a part of the experienced emotions, memories and an olfactory narrative.

What once was a hobby is now part of a passion for scents - the Candlelier story - an ode to the search for living light, levende lys, as Danish people call it.

"I wish that the moment you step into Candlelier's story will be like a moment of tenderness, feeling soaked in a scent of time."

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