Welcome to the Candlelier
Oasis of Scents

The place where both lovers of sensory treatments and those who want to show
deserved attention to their loved ones choose 100% natural handmade scented luxury candles.

A Candle Bar for natural scented luxury candles

At Candlelier we are skilled at compressing senses and making these soy wax candles that can turn any important event into a pleasant, unique memory.

In Candle Bar we will give you enough time to test all the aromas of our scented luxury candles and help you make the best decision. Using scented decorative candles for events, special days or even gifts is no longer a treat, but a way to show you care.

Corporate Collaborations and Exclusive Gifts

The oasis of scents is for everyone, but especially for those who want to offer not just a simple symbol of appreciation, but a whole bouquet of aromas that are well homogenized in a 100% natural soy wax liqueur.

For companies, agencies, small or large firms or for those who want to reward excellent results, Candlelier is at your disposal. We will create your own decorative scented luxury candles, your own line to help you dress up the launch event in an elegant tone or the unique gift for the end of the year.

Candlelier Values


Because the majority of the population is becoming more aware of the need for an ecological and environmentally friendly approach, Candlelier's products will be based on sustainable raw materials, ECO-certified materials and equipment that optimize the manufacturing process, and, last but not least, the ability to reuse or even refill containers at the customers' request.

Our staff and the oasis of creation

At Candlelier, we imagine like we are a family who will always put a price on empathy, attitude, support. We are dedicated and open to the flourishing of creativity, diversity and tolerance. Our desire is to create a Candlelier community, together with our clients and partners, based on trust, transparency and professionalism.

Candlelier creative workshops

Candlelier is more than just scented candles; it is art, which is why the brand's projection also involves the creation of "candle making" workshops for both adults and children over 12 years old, where Candlelier friends can enjoy the craft of candle making, making their scented candles.

Candlelier workshops are primarily aimed at socializing, interacting, getting to know the projects of the Galician community, and discussing topics of local interest. Workshops can also take the form of anniversaries, at the request of clients, or moments spent with friends or family.

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