Candlelier Scented Candles Collection

Candlelier welcomes customers with premium scented candles, handmade, carefully and careful created using natural, nature-friendly ingredients that are vegan and non-animal tested.

The entire range of handmade scented candles contains soy wax products, in reusable containers and premium packaging that protects each candle, ready to take you to a whole new world of scents.

Your Own Scented Candles
from the Oasis of Scents

Candlelier is more than scented candles. It is art, which is why the brand's projection involves the creation of candle-making workshops for both adults and children over the age of 12, where Candlelier's friends can enjoy the craft of candle-making, producing their own scented candles.

In the Oasis of Scents, we invite you to discover unique services, candle-making workshops, and exhibitions that will help you choose the most elegant scented decorative candles for your events.

Join our creative workshops with children and friends and discover the true world of scented candles and the therapy of natural fragrances.

The Perfect Gift for Co-workers and Employees

We know how quickly a scented candle can get under your skin, and when you want to give your co-workers a dose of the relaxing aroma balance, Candlelier is here for you.

In our handmade scented candle workshop you can even create your own line of candles that will represent both your company and its values.

Test scented decorative candles in our Candle Bar

The Candle Bar concept is a novelty for those who have never experienced the pleasure of testing a scented candle and choosing the right handmade scented candles for their favorite events.

If you want more information about how you can participate in a testing session at the Candle Bar, click on the button below and schedule a session.

All scented candles from Candlelier are handmade, carefully poured, attentively cared for and pampered, so that they in turn can offer special indulgences.

Made of natural
soy wax



Premium protective


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